Monday, July 19, 2010

I See Weird People

I see weird people.
It happens all the time.
It happens so much, that I started bringing my camera with me everywhere I went. No one would believe me if I told them about all this craziness.
I saw this lady waiting in line to check out at the grocery.
This picture is from July 17th. Not October 31st.

Lesson to be learned: Never wear your grandma's leisure suit in public unless it's Halloween. There's just no good excuse.
The next set of pictures are from last summer.
I was with Mitch and his friend in Pacific Beach when we decided to pick up some snacks and 'beverages' from a liquor store.
I stayed in the car while they went inside.
A minute later, a girl and a guy rode up on their bikes.
She waited outside while he went into the store.
Within seconds, she caught her reflection in our car window and couldn't resist checkin' herself out.
Oooooo child.
First she fixed her hair.

(I don't know what that thing between her legs is. Sunglasses maybe?)
Then checked herself out a little more.

Then she picked her front wedgie. Mmm Klassy.

Then the greatest thing to ever happen at that moment in time actually happened.

She stood directly in front of my car window, lifted her shirt, adjusted her bubbies, and then rolled down her shorts so that I could get a look at Slash hiding in her bikini bottoms.

I laughed so hard, I nearly peed.
Lesson to be learned: Never check yourself out in other people's car windows.
You never know who is sitting in the back seat with a camera.

This next set of pictures was taken at Barnes & Noble.
Mitch and I were minding our business in the automotive book section when the 70-something year old Asian Grannie came walking up wearing a shirt(?) and boy short panties.

Hello cottage cheese.

I have the cheese... most of us do.
But most of us would NEVER go outside wearing this.

Oh, and here she is rubbing here butt cheeks on the floor.

This just proves that the 5 second rule should not be implemented.

Here's Mitch's 'gut' reaction.

Lesson to be learned: Put some pants on. Nuff said.

Do you see weird people?


Caren said...

ROTFLOL!!! Thanks for the great laugh! I, too, have a knack for spotting weirdo-s. I need to carry my camera! ;-)

Jamie Isaak said...


theultimate said...

Yikes.... I lol'd at this post though.

LindsB said...

I'm peeing my pants and I was not even in that back seat- omg how did you not roll down the window after and thank her for the show.

Still dying laughing here- best photo series ever!

RRS said...

OH MAH GAWWWW!!! You had at "front weggie" hahahahahaaa!!!! This is so funny - I now MUST share with all my only-slightly-weird friends! ;)

Debby said...

omg! you are hilarious!