Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer To Do List: Painting Paralysis

I'm trying to get this list checked off but it seems to being going a little slower than I'd like. By "slower than I'd like", I mean if each task isn't completed by the time I snap my phalanges (like Mary Poppin's) or wiggle my schnoz (like Samantha from Bewitched) then it seems to be taking for-eh-ver (like in the Sandlot). The idea was to paint our kitchen, living and dining room the same colors Janell used in her master bedroom. She used Sherwin Williams' Universal Khaki and Dapper Tan. When I showed her bedroom pictures to the Mr., he actually really liked it! I was stunned. I was so excited to get some samples made up at the Depot and run home to graffiti up our house. That was until I painted the sample colors on our walls and ceiling.
Uhhh. Er. Um.
Here's a (barely) closer look...
Yes, we still have popcorn ceilings.
And yes, that is paint on the crown molding.
So sue me.
Ok, don't do that because I'm poor and I'll never get my list done if I'm even more broke that I already am.
The color on the wall is Universal Khaki which turned out to be a little too greenish. The color in the corner is Behr's Harvest Brown. The darkest color on the ceiling is Dapper Tan, which looks ok in the picture but in some light looks like a pukey greenish grey color. Like this...

'Pukey greenish' is definitely NOT what I was going for.

The color on the far left in the picture above and on the far right of the picture above this one are a half & half mix of Dapper Tan and Harvest Brown.

I can only assume that the color-changing-paint-problem is because we have a very large window on the West side of the room and French doors on the East side of the room. The light in here changes more than the dance floor from Saturday Night Fever

The following picture is the main reason
I wanted to paint this room to begin with.

The color that's on there now is Behr's Catham Tan which is fine in the afternoon light when it's a warm toasty shade of brown. Which you can see in some of the pictures from this post. But, throughout parts of the day it turns this weird purpley mauvey flesh tone brown color.

Here's the wall with the French doors:

Why!! Why can't you look like THIS???

That was me yellin' at the room, not you.
I don't want you to paint yourself khaki and brown.

Oh well. I'll figure it out. Just as soon as the paralysis wears off and I can feel my painter's arm again.

Have you ever had painters paralysis?


Amanda said...

Love that inspiration picture you posted! I might need to steal that and try it myself!! We are moving into a new house so no painting dilema's yet, but I think we are going to struggle with the browns in the bedroom too!

SHERRY said...

Oh my. I can relate to this post in so many ways. I live in South FL with two huge french doors on the southwest side of my home and large spans of glass on the northeast side of my home. All of this glass flanks our great room. What does this mean? Horrid, changing colors all throughout the day. Gorgeous tan shades at 7AM turn into a tribute to the yellow brick road at 5PM. I have about 30 sample pots from Home Depot in my garage at the moment and I still can't chose a color. Next house I build... no windows! LOL! :-)

dunfordorama said...

I found you through Pinterest searching for the Natural Linen paint color - Funny, I also have Catham Tan throughout my home's main floor... it DOES turn mauve/pink in different lighting! so weird!