Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Just One Teeny Little Issue"

After posting my "Make A Flake" tutorial, I received an email from my Mom.
...I Stand Corrected.

Subject : "Just One Teeny Little Issue" ....
"Which I hate to even bring up, given all the extravagantly nice stuff you said about me! They (the snowflakes) have SIX points, not eight. Fold the paper in half – then fold it just to find the midpoint along the fold, and make a little crease – then fold that side up at an angle that points to a spot almost exactly 1 1/8” from the corner, along the top.
love, da witch
Well, just break my heart, why don't ya. Ok, not really. She has told me this before, but every time I make flakes, I either forget or don't bother because it is a bit harder than the original way I showed you. Folding the paper in thirds at just the right degree angle is a bit more difficult than folding it in halves. But, her way makes for easier cutting. Oh, and "da witch" is a term of endearment between her and me.
She's "da witch" and I'm "da hexe".
So here is her way of doing it.
(You can call it the "right way" if you like.)
Start with a standard piece of printer paper.
Take the side with the folded edges...

and fold the bottom corners up towards the opposite side's top corners, like this...

Do the same for the other bottom corner.

Then fold it in half from top to bottom.

Trim the excess.

Then draw your design.

and then cut

Next, carefully unfold the paper and flatten.

I have to admit that a six point snowflake is much easier to cut. The less folds you have, the easier it is to cut into. Sometimes, (most times) Momma's right!

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Scarlet Letterer said...

Have I got a great kid, or what? Love you, baby!

LAURA!!! said...

These are so beautiful! I have never seen such a great tutorial on snowflake making... thanks for this!
smitten with you blog and off to read more!

Karen said...

Very nice snowflake- I saw this on momnivoresdilemma, I am also trying to make my house into a home...

djinny said...

Loved both your tutorials and linked to them on my blog.

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liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Thanks ladies!

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Love them!

Mama's always, right eh?

Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursdays...Hope to see you back {link party will open tonight!}

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Karen said...

So nice!! I've linked you on my blog :)

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Thanks Karen : D

thehappyhomester said...

I linked ya' and posted lots of pictures of the ones I did!