Friday, December 3, 2010

Make a Flake

This tutorial is for 8 point flakes.
 If you want to make anotomically correct, 6 point flakes, please check out THIS POST.

Some of you might already know how to make these paper flakes, but this post is for those who didn't have a mother who was as exceptionally crafty/creative/resourceful as mine.
The best part of this lil project is that it probably won't cost you a dime to make these. I mean, who doesn't have plain white paper and scissors at home? If you cut out a few dozen of these you can make a huge impact with just a few cents worth of paper. Tape them to windows, hang them from fishing line, or decorate your tree with them. Cheap, easy, fun... my favorite kind of decor!

Ok, here we go kids...
First, start with a standard size piece of printer paper.
Fold it in half. Fold that in half again.
Now, take the lower right corner (the bottom side with the folded edges)

and fold that up so the bottom right corner comes up towards the top left side.

like this...

you'll have a triangle shape that you will fold in half again


Now cut off the access along the shortest triangle line.

Now, draw your design.
You can make it as simple of as ornate at you like, just remember that it's difficult to make super tiny cuts. You'll be cutting through about 12 layers of paper. Curved lines are especially difficult, but can be done!

Next, cut out your design.

Make sure you don't chop too far up the side with the smallest degree angle (over there on the left in the picture above) because it could cause your flake to fall apart.

Then carefully unfold.

To get your flake good and flat you can place it in between the pages of a thick, heavy book for a few hours.

The design possibilities are endless. My mom has done names, alligators, the Super Dome, and cups of coffee with steam coming off of them, just to name a few. Yea... she's talented! You name it and she can probably do it.
Here are just a few that I've made this year.

I have tons more at home that I'll show you when I hang them up this year.
I'm hoping that I can find some really thin, large paper to do massive flakes with.
Have you ever made paper flakes before??

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City Dreamer said...

yay for these direcs! every time i try to make a paper snowflake it looks all boxy and dumb :( i'm trying after lunch!

emily @ the happy home said...

love your photos! they're so cute up against the blue.

i'm the world's worst paper flake maker. weak hands, so i can't cut. it's such a bummer!

heartofacountryhome said...

I love making paper snowflakes! I remember one time when my teens were just toddlers, making snowflakes and hanging them up with dental floss from their ceiling. They were napping and when they woke up they were so enchanted with the snow! Good memories!

~Beth D. said...

found you on somedaycrafts. we love snowflakes at my house. I just taught my 5 year old how to do it! yours look fabulous!!

Bonita said...

Just letting you know I linked to this tutorial in my Snowflake Unit Study: