Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Happy Happy Happy...

...Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 1st anniversary. YAY! We made it a whole year without killing each other! Everyone keeps telling us that the first year is the hardest. So, I asked my friends who have been married almost 9 years and they said "No, the first ten years are the hardest." Well, that's encouraging. Ha

I decided to decorate a little bit for the occasion. I wrote the lyrics to one of my all time favorite songs on my chalkboard decal and put it up on the chalkboard wall in our entryway.

 At first I thought I'd draw a frame around it, but it wasn't coming out like I had pictured in my head. So I left one big square and started filling it in with random doodles. Sometimes when I try 'doodling' on this wall, I find it hard to get started. I get drawer's block and freeze up. Sometimes I have to force myself to just do it. The thing you have to remember is that IT'S CHALK. If you totally hate how it turns out, just wipe it away.

And btw, that's just a pellet gun. All big boy guns are locked up in the safe.

My sister-in-law found this adorable little shadow box frame at a thrift store a few weeks ago. She knew I'd love it so she bought 4 and gave 2 to me.

 I wrote our wedding date on an envelope and added a little foam heart on a string.

And here's the whole space.

You can't really tell from this picture but the frame on the left has a letter in it that I wrote to Mitch for Valentine's Day last year.

 And the best part of making it to your first anniversary?

..... eating the top layer of your wedding cake!
Ours held up very well in the freezer. It still had the ribbon on it too, which I didn't know til I unwrapped it.

 And since we we had a few friends over to celebrate with us, I figure I could put out a little display of some of our wedding stuff.

 Our groom's cake topper...

Here it is in action a year ago on top our rice krispy cake.
(easiest groom's cake EVER)

Our wedding flowers. Yes, they're fake. But they look and feel so real that I was asked yesterday by all the females in attendance how I kept my bouquet looking so good a year later. When I told them they weren't real, no one could believe it.

 If you're looking for really good, fake, "real touch" flowers, I highly recommend Sharon Nagassar's designs. They were very affordable compared to live flowers.... $1,100 LESS to be exact. They'r emade of latex so they feel exactly like a real flower.

And here we are trying not to reenact the cake scene from our wedding day.


I told him 'let's not have a repeat of last year!"

 I can only hope that this will happen next year.


Ms. Bright said...

BAHAHAHA! Happy Anniversary, lovecat! So I Married an Ax Murderer is one of my faves!!

Your Groom's cake is awesome.

And that Cosby clip is priceless, I love it!!!

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

I love that you got to enjoy your wedding decor twice and the Rice Krispies cake is possibly the best idea ever! I love Rice Krispies.


liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Thanks ladies! The groom's cake was a HUGE hit with everyone at the reception. RKTs are definitley one of my hubby's favorite snacks, so I thought it would be perfect to make one that was in the same shape as our wedding cake.

Aroura said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your chalkboard wall!