Friday, September 9, 2011

THIS BOY'S ROOM- Nursery Moodboard

 Dreams of a lovely little girl's room filled with soft creams, pinks and turquoises and Eloise inspired items flew right out the Health Imaging Services window the second the ultrasound tech passed over this little guy's privates and he flashed 'deetel-eet' for all the world (well, just the few of us in the room) to see.  What's a 'deetel-eet' you say?  Well, that's grown up talk for 'wiener'.

A few weeks ago I started putting together a mood board for a boy's room. I am not claiming to be good at this... AT ALL. I've always dreaded making a mood board cuz honestly, I just can't ever seem to pull a room together and have it look cohesive. And if I ever did, it was by complete and total accident.

Here's what I narrowed the design down to...

Colors:  Greige walls, charcoal greys, whites and neutrals with pops of turquoise and a teeny bit-o-burnt orange.

Decor/Theme: I hate to say I have a 'theme' because once you do, people tend to overload you with a million butterfly/sports/car/frog/polka dot/rainbow type items. I'd rather keep it eclectic and non-specific. So, I guess you could say my 'theme' is a mix of typography (numbers and letters), handmade mobiles and an assortment of animals. I'll call my theme "TyMoMal" 

Here are the numbered items from the mood board:

1. Twine mobile
3. Paper mobile
4. Cardboard Safari elephant trophy
5. Various prints found on Pinterest
6. Ikea Edland dresser or similar secondhand dresser to use for storage and changing table
7. Black dog, polar bear, and fox prints via Native Vermont's etsy shop

And the breakdown:

m o b i l e     t y p e     i t e m s

 1. A super simple paper mobile in shades of teal and turquoise strung on fishing line. I'd like to make one that's more 3 dimensional. I might use a small embroidery hoop to hang the strings from.

2. Twine or yard mobile. I've seen this done a million times on Pinterest. It seems easy. Just dip twine or yard into Elmer's glue and wrap around a balloon or ball. Let dry, pop balloon/deflate ball, remove and hang.

3. I'm in love with the shades of turquoise blue and the raindrops. I just have to figure out how to make those adorable little cloud poufs.

 a r t    a n d    p r i n t s

2. Babies Don't Keep print (color tweaked by yours truly)

3. All three of these prints are from an Etsy shop called Native Vermont.  

4. Cardboard elephant head trophy from Cardboard Safari 

f u r n i t u r e     a n d     r u g

 I like this rug is from West Elm.... but I ain't rich, so I'll either paint a zebra rug on a big drop cloth or steal Mandi's zebra rug idea.

And these are some other ideas I'd like to incorporate.

I love the big pouf and barn door in this pic via Noosh Kids
These funny prints via Sycamore Street Press

Elephant mobile via Traveling Mama
AWESOME rope handle dresser via Me & Jilly

Is that enough nursery overload for ya?


Scarlet Letterer said...

Awww-- awwwww - AWWWWWW!!! Oh, thos lil clouds just about made me WEEP. And the animals too - of course, I keep picturing them all having cafe au lait and beignets.
Where were YOU when I needed help decorating a baby's room? weren't born yet...
<3 <3 <3

personal email said...

Liz you did an awesome job! The babies don't keep sign brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to pin it, but I can't find the original on laybabylay. Can you point me to it?

Btw, I love love love your shadow/belly pics. You will be so glad that you did that! Especially with that high ponytail, you look like a Barbie silhouette!

emily @ the happy home said...

nice! now, how long until a car motif gets thrown in the mix?

the raincloud is absolutely awesome, as is the cardboard safari animal head!

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

PW, i couldn't seem to find it on LBL either. But if you enter 'babies dont keep' in the pinterest search, a ton of them will come up.

Emily, one of the main reasons im throwing in the bit-o-burnt orange is because I found a cool old drag racing poster in Mitch's bedroom at his parents' house that's the perfect shade of orange. It will definitely be in the room!

Brooke said...

I love your nursery ideas! And congrats on the baby boy!! Boys are seriously so sweet!! Everything you ever hear about mama's boys is so true. My baby boy is so attached to me and is always cooing "mama". His twin sister doesn't want anything to do with me half the time cause she always wants her dad!
You found the best stuff for a nursery- those Sycamore Street Press prints are so funny!!