Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adding some boy-ish whimsy -Photoshop fun-

Yesterday I showed y'all the crib/dresser situation. I've been wanting to ad some whimsical features to this room but couldn't figure out where to start. I'll be the first to admit that I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to putting an entire room together. So, the thought of having less than 70 days left to complete baby BTB's whole nursery scares the breast fed baby poop out of me. Because of this irrational fear of decoration, I rely heavily on Photoshop to visualize things first without having to shell out all that cash only to find that I totally hate my ideas. So, this is what I came up with...

I have always (always always) loved the look of paper lantern clusters. The only problem is that the pretty ones look like this...

via Under the Sycamore

And this...
Via Martha Stewart Crafts
Or even this...
Via The Canterbury Place
...which are totally gorgeous, but not in the least bit fit for a little man's room. So I decided I should just "boy" it up a little with a less frill, a lot less pink, a bit more manly in the colors and textures and a whole lot of hot glue. i found some examples of what I hope to be making on Pinterest. And in the effort of giving credit where credit is due, I included direct links to every one's projects, which is a huge pain in the patoot, if you ask me, but it's only fair to credit the right person and not "Pinterest" or "Google" cuz they don't make crap... just lots of money.

First up is what I like to call "book page fish scale balls" ... sounds gross, looks beautiful and easy.
Via Cathy of California 

Next up.. twine lanterns. There are a ton of different tutorials for this on Pinterest. Most involve wrapping glue soaked twine around a deflatable rubber ball. Seems easy, but very messy.

via West Elm
And then there's this crazy awesome lantern covered with strips of paper. 
Via Instructables
Mixing these three types of lanterns with some plain white/cream ones from Ikea should do the trick. I'll also be adding a string of pennants throughout to keep it fun and colorful. now I just have to decide what side of the nursery the piece should live. If I put them to the left of the crib, it will make the most impact from the doorway.

But, I'd really like to put a chair to the left of the crib under the window (not shown) for feeding and reading. So the cluster might work better over to the right side of the crib.  Plus it'll give him something to stare at while we change those lovely diapers.

And speaking of lighting near the chair, I was hoping to use this industrial style pendant light from (where else) Ikea. It's called the OTTAVA and only costs $29.99. Can't beat that with a particle board stick!

Layla from The Lettered Cottage has the same one in her reading room. She and her hubby Kevin shortened the wire length, covered it in twine and sprayed the glass with Valspar's frosting spray paint to cut the harsh glare from the exposed bulb.

Via TLC - Layla's Reading Room

So ladies and germs, now you know what's on the agenda for baby BTB's room.

Do you have a little boy? How did you add whimsy and fun into his room?


Becky said...

I must say, I am following your blog VERY closely as we are expecting our first in January! SO your baby boy posts are very meaningful to me! Thank you!! xoxo Hope you are feeling well!!!

Becky said...

We are due on the 24th! Not sure what I think in regards to early or late...The count down is ON!!! your post about emptying your office is EXACTLY what we are doing to make room for a nursery! I showed my hubby...he laughed at the similarities!

Hillary said...

For my Max, we purchased a huge stuffed giraffe(by Melissa and Doug). Then we put a giant leaf(IKEA) over his crib. We live in a Chicago brownstone... aka Max's room is small and unpaintable. So I got a huge dresser and painted it sunshine yellow.
To my surprise, Max (who is 7months) doesn't spend too much time in his room. But when we are in there he seems very happy.

Brooke said...

Love all those lanterns- especially loving those "book page fish scale balls"! (yeah, sounds totally gross)

Carol said...

Those twine lanterns are by far my favorite! I wonder if they could be dyed? I love the neutral look, but if you're wanting to add color...


Martin jonson said...

You idea about lanterns is awesome !! you are really a Genius.